Featured Multi-Mile Tires

For more than fifty years Multi-Mile has been a leader in the replacement tire market and a key supplier to independent tire dealers throughout North America. The company’s guiding principles of Performance, Engineering, Quality and Value continue to drive Multi-Mile to remain a cornerstone of reliability and quality for our customers.

In addition to Multi-Mile passenger and SUV/LT tires, our dealers have access to a comprehensive range of high quality Commercial, Agricultural and Specialty tires as well as supplemental products such as steel wheels, wheel weights, valve stems and tire equipment. We support all of our programs with informative point of sale material, attractive signage andsuperior customer service.

Matrix Tour RS Touring All-Season

  • T, H & V-Rated sizing for today’s popular vechicle fitments
  • Technology-driven tread design for superior all-weather performance
  • Precision engineered for even wear and long tread life
  • Full-depth siping for long lasting wet and snow traction
  • Notched center rib with multi-element blading for improved handling and steering response
  • Low rolling resistance for enhnaced fuel efficiency
  • 60,000 Mile Limited Treadwear Warranty (T-Rated Products)
  • 50,000 Mile Limited Treadwear Warranty (H & V-Rated Products)



Grand Tour LS Optimum Touring All-Season

  • Modern asymmetrical design with ventless technology for year-round performance and premium appearance
  • Silica enhanced tread compound for superior winter and wet traction
  • Computer enhanced sound quality system provides ultra quiet ride
  • Variable Progressive Siping (VPS) provides extended all-weather performance and improved worn tire appearance
  • 80,000 Mile Limited Treadwear Warranty (T-Rated Products)
  • 60,000 Mile Limited Treadwear Warranty (H & V-Rated Products)
  • Free replacement first 50% of treadwear for workmanship and material
  • Free roadside assistance available
  • Free 30-day test drive


Matrix All-Season

  • All-season tread design for excellent year-round traction
  • Dual tread compound for longer wear and improved durability
  • Variable tread element sequence for a smooth and quite ride
  • Broad size coverage in S & T-speed ratings
  • 50,000 Mile Limited Treadwear Warranty


Wild Country Sport XHT Highway All-Season SUV – LT

  • Advanced “driver-focused” engineering provides a quiet and comfortable ride
  • Modern all-season design combines a stylish appearance with confident performance in challenging conditions
  • Strategically placed traction elements enhance handling and control in wet weather
  • Free replacement first 50% of treadwear for workmanship and materials
  • 60,000 Mile Limited Treadwear Warranty

Wild Country MTX Maximum Mud Traction

  • Deep, aggressive, high-void design provides superior off-road performance
  • Self-cleaning, interlocking tread lugs for outstanding traction in mud and soft soils
  • Alternating lug dimensions for increased lateral stability and bi-directional traction
  • Staggered should blocks for enhanced off-road grip
  • Pinned for studs for improved traction in winter